Green Meetings


”Green Meetings” means that we take strategic measures to ensure that your event is easy on our planet. These include our standard ‘Green’ practices but there are also ‘Opt-in’ options for meeting planners. So feel good about your event… and opt-in to feel even better.

Standard Green

  • Low E tinted windows throughout the center for more efficient heating and cooling
  • Skylights and expansive windows throughout decreasing dependancy on electric lights
  • Automated and timed flourecent lights throughout with less power usage
  • Auto-off motion lights scheduled for non-use times
  • Water service consists of pitchers and glasses rather than plastic water bottles
  • Daily paper recycle program and removal service
  • All computers required to be on energy-savings settings
  • “Digital over Paper” procedures practiced
  • Standard purchasing procedures require buying recycled goods
  • Standard use of biodegradable cleaners and chemicals
  • Digital room signage vs. paper and poster displays

Opt-in Green

  • Available recycled paper goods (napkins, plates, etc.)
  • Available recycle bins placed throughout the property
  • Digital coorispondence and planning rather than paper