Pricing: Audio Visual


Ownership. That's our secret to flawless and dependable Audio Visual solutions. We own and manage our AV services 'in-house' which gives us and advantage over pricing, quality control, inventory, and AV support. Our AV department supports the AV you rent.  That's a huge plus because we know our space and we know our equipment... and we don't have to depend on others for delivery, set up and support. It's all right here.

Take a look at our AV Pricelist. If it's not there, don't worry, we can get it. If you can imagine it, we can do it. In fact, nothing is more exciting to us than transforming our space and hearing the ooohs and aaahs from your attendees.

Prices listed are priced per room, per day. Prices do not include a 21% service charge or applicable taxes.

Not all items are listed and quantities are limited. Contact your sales manager for a quote on additional AV needs.


Pipe & Drape

8' high x 10' wide - black, standard draping per section $40

16’ high x 10 wide – black standard draping per section $65


Video Equipment

DVD/VCR Combo with remote $50

DVD/VCR Combo with 32" TV/Cart Pkg. $200

BlueRay/DVD Player $35

Canon XH-A1 HDV Camcorder $200

Video Mixer $50

Video Scaler $25

Video Splitter $35

KVM Switch $25

Digital Signage – standard programming FREE

Digital signage – custom programming ($50 min.) quote

Multiple agenda changes, logos, etc.



Telephone Line (requires dialing 9 to get out) $60

Telephone w/domestic access $125

Conference Call Phone System w/domestic access $125

Internet – Wireless (one user) $10

Internet – Wired $15

Group Wireless Internet:

Up to 49 users $195

50 to 99 users $295

100 to 295 users $395

300 to 399 users $495

400 or more users quote


Meeting Aids

Flip Chart Package $25

-Includes pad of paper, stable-easel, markers

Small White Board Package $15

Large White Board Package $25

-Includes ergo board, dry erase markers and eraser

Digital White Board (55” TV w/USB port) $200

Piano (Petite Grand - black) $150

Piano (Upright - cherry) $75

Laser Pointer $15

Laser Pointer/Presentation Clicker $35

Easel $15

Power Strip $10

Extension Cord $5

HDMI Cord $25

Crowd Control Stanchion (white plastic) $15

Table Top Stanchion/table number $1


LCD Video/Data Projectors (see Easy Package chart below)

2000 Lumen Projector $200

3600 Lumen Projector $250

4100 Lumen Projector $300

5500 Lumen Projector $350

6000 Lumen Projector $400

Digital Presenter (3-D overhead projector) $195

Digital Presenter Package (3D overhead projector) $350

Includes 2000 lumen LCD projector, screen, remote, AV table and extension cord



6x8 drop down, ceiling mounted

(Twilight, Stratus, Aurora – 8x10 in Meridian) $50

6x8 Fast Fold $85

Dress Kit for 6’x8’ Screen $25

7.5' x 10' Fast Fold $125

Dress Kit for 7.5’x10’ Screen $35

9' x 12' Fast Fold $165

Dress Kit for 9’x12’ Screen $45


Recommended LCD/Screen Packages

SMALL: 6X8 screen, projector, AV cart, power $295

(ideal for groups up to 100 people)

MEDIUM: 7.5x10 screen, projector, AV cart, power $315

(ideal for groups for up to 200 people)

LARGE: 9x12 screen, projector, AV cart, power $395

(ideal for groups up to 300 people)

*Consider duel screens, linked together for larger set-ups or audiences


Audio Equipment

Converter - Multi-input Adapter Box: Patch to House Sound

For Ipods, CD players, DVD, MP3 players, etc. $35

Corded Microphone $25

Wireless Handheld Microphone $75

Lavaliere (lapel) Microphone $75

Wireless Headset Microphone $100

Portable Sound System $200

2 speakers, IPOD/MP3 inputs, 2 Wireless Mics

3 Channel Mixer $45

4 Channel Mixer $55

12 Channel Mixer $65

14 Channel Mixer $100

24 Channel Mixer $165

Table Top Microphone Stand $12

Podiums/Stands/Staging/Dance Floor

Standard Podium $25

Podium with Microphone $45

Stage/Riser (4 x 8 x 16" or 32” tall) per section $50

Light Bar – 6 lights $400

Light Bar – 12 lights $600