Extreme Technology


Wired and Wireless High-Speed Internet

High-speed internet is easy to access, dependable, and extremely fast. We’ve gone above and beyond by providing both wireless and wired options to give you the optimum security and speed available.

LCD Displays

The latest in technology means higher productivity while delivering it in style. All entrances to the Davis Conference Center feature a flat panel LCD display listing events and agendas. The screens are also available for attendees and meeting planners to use as advertising—placing logos, running commercials, or displaying special messages.

No longer will you have to endure unsightly posters, taped sheets of paper, or bump into easels directing you to your meetings. Every room in the Center features a 19" LCD flat screen above the doors. The screens, updateable in real time, will list exactly what is happening in each room. Additionally, each screen can display your images — from logos to photos.

Smart Rooms

“Break-out Room” refers to the ability to divide an existing large room into multiple smaller rooms. The Center can accommodate up to 23 separate rooms. Break-out rooms feature Smart Room technology; an electronic “eye” that detects when rooms are divided by the sound-proof air walls. Once divided, the “eye” automatically adjusts the heating and air conditioning, lighting and sound system... making it easy and efficient to set up your meeting.

LCD Projectors and Screens

Most rooms feature a built-in LCD projector with remote-control capability as well as an automated screen that drops from the ceiling. The fact that these are professionally installed and maintained reduces human error and audio visual issues.

Audio Visual Price List