Weather Towers


Our landmark weather towers will light your way right to our center. But they are more than just tall towers with LED lights on top. They have a great purpose. The weather towers were designed to forecast the next days weather.  The rings on top are lighted each evening. The color will indicate the type of weather to expect the following day. Blinking blue is for overcast , solid red is for rain, and so on. And for fun, sometimes during fun public events, we will set them to rotate through all the colors... letting the world know there is something great happening at the Davis Conference Center. Here is what the different colors signify:

  • Solid Blue = Clear Skies
  • Blinking Blue = Overcast
  • Solid Red = Rain
  • Blinking Red = Snow
  • Solid Green = Windy
  • Morphing Colors = There's a public event at the Davis Conference Center!

Because of our weather towers, we named the rooms throughout the center based on weather elements, ie: Cirrus Atrium, Horizon Lobby, Solstice Courtyard, etc. Additionally, we will soon have a live link of our weather cameras at the top of the towers so you can see, real time, the weather and traffic conditions surrounding the DCC.

One more fun fact... our logo—here's the inside scoop on it's design. You'll see an abstract D and a C for Davis Conference Center. Plus, you'll notice that it looks like a seedling, sprouting, signifying growth. That's our vision for events and their impact at the 'DCC'. You'll also see that the two elements are coming together in harmony... like a successful meeting. See, and you just thought it was a cool looking swoosh.